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04/24/2016 Carniolan pkg bees 2nd batch pickup times

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2nd batch of Carniolans will arrive LATE tonight. Pickup will be Tuesday (tomorrow) between 2pm and 7pm. 

You may also pickup your bees Wednesday 2-6pm, and during our regular hours on Thursday: 2-6pm.

Please pick them up as soon as possible ... they would love to get out of those packages and into your waiting hives.

If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to info@bee-commerce.com.

04/23/2016 Package Bees: Carnies, Batch 2 Delivery Update

The second batch of Carniolan packages are expected to be available for pickup on Tuesday, April 26.We're not sure of the time of day, yet, but will let you know.Please do NOT just drop by to see if you can get your bees. If you haven't heard, and/or we haven't posted information to the bee-commerce.com [...]

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04/21/2016 Carniolan Package Bees: Treework delay today (Thursday)

The tree folks showed up today and have started removing trees from the driveway.They expect to be done by 3pm.Consequently, we won't be opening for bee pickup or other business at 2pm, but more like 3pm. We'll be there til 6pm. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to info@bee-commerce.com.

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04/20/2016 Bee Pickup: full steam ahead with 1-7pm

The tree work has been rescheduled, and though we haven't had confirmation, I'm told that they aren't there cutting down trees, which seems a good sign.So lets go ahead with 1pm start time for bee pickup, until 7pm.Tomorrow, we'll be there 2-6pm.Friday we'll be there 2-6pm, too, but we hope you'll get your bees before [...]

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04/19/2016 (evening) - Pickup Time May Change

We just found out that tree removal is scheduled to be done tomorrow, along the driveway. Not sure what time they'll finish, or whether we can re-schedule, but it could impact the pickup time for bees. We're going to see what can be worked out in the morning, and will post an update on the web site [...]

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04/19/2016 1st batch Carniolans have arrived - PICKUP TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY)

The 1st batch of Carniolan package bees are here, safe and sound, and we are tending to a few "finish-the-trip" tasks yet this afternoon.WE WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) FOR PICKUP BETWEEN 1 AND 7pm.See you then!Emails were sent this past weekend letting you know if your reservation is among those being fulfilled with this [...]

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04/16/2016 Russian and Carniolan package bee delivery dates

Russian PackagesThey're running a little later than originally thought. They will be arriving sometime on Sunday, May 1.At this point, we're not sure what time of day, so we'll let you know the pickup times when we get closer to their delivery date.Carniolan PackagesThe Carniolans (and there are a few Italian packages in with the Carniolans) are going [...]

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04/07/2016 Package bee reservations complete

We're all booked up for package bees for 2016.  We're checking our tally now, and accommodating those on our waiting list.  If you'd like to be on that waiting list, please email info@bee-commerce.com or call 203-222-2268 on Monday, Thursday, or Friday, between 2 & 6pm.

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01/19/2016 - Now taking reservations for package bees for Spring 2016! New stuff going on, this year, too!

We are now taking reservations for package bees! First come first served! Getting reservations going took a little longer this year because some of the suppliers are adapting to new practices, with respect to package bees.  Some will be using a new package, and a gel/fondant food supply rather than the syrup cans.  So it [...]

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