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01/19/2016 - Now taking reservations for package bees for Spring 2016! New stuff going on, this year, too!

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We are now taking reservations for package bees! First come first served!

Getting reservations going took a little longer this year because some of the suppliers are adapting to new practices, with respect to package bees.  Some will be using a new package, and a gel/fondant food supply rather than the syrup cans.  So it took a little extra time to get all the ducks in a row on pricing and estimated delivery.

Please take a look at our Package Bee Reservation Information here.

You can place your order for package bees by looking in the "Local Offerings" category, under "Bees & Queens".  Click here.

We ask for a $65 deposit per package at the time you place your reservation, and will ask for the balance shortly before delivery.

Or - new this year - you can pay in full for your bees when you place your order and save $10.

With all that said, our offerings this year are as follows:

Description Target Delivery Total Price
Two Payments
3 lbs. bees w/ Italian queen March 26 $110 $65 / $55 Weather is especially variable in March, so these packages are for folks prepared to install bees in inclement weather
3 lbs. bees w/ Russian queen Early April $120 $65 / $65
3 lbs. bees w/ Carniolan queen Late April /
Early May
$132 $65 / $77