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03/27/2020 Update regarding package bees, shop hours, and Covid-19

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The first delivery of package bees, the “Early Italians” from Georgia, is complete and the bees have gone to their new homes.The trip was … unusual, and we’re grateful for its successful completion. We will now honor the directive to stay home as much as possible.

We are told that upcoming bee deliveries are on track for the middle and end of April. So we look forward to that, while sitting loose in case there’s a change of plans.

As for supplies, we expect to continue shipping orders out in a timely fashion but will be limiting our walk-in shop hours in order to minimize exposure to ourselves, our customers, and our community.

Saturday, 3/28/2020, 10am - 2pm will be our last regular shop hours until, well, until later.

We will be open for pickup by appointment.  Please order and pay for any additional items online and arrange an appointment by phone or email.  If you have questions, please drop us a line or leave us a message and we'll get back to you to discuss any and all things bees.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.