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04/13/2018 Package Bees: Deliveries of Italians/Carnies/Saskatraz packages


Delivery Date & Pickup Times

*** REMINDER: We are now at our new location, 160A Sugar Street, Newtown, CT 06470 ***

We’ve just been told that the dates for the two deliveries of Italian/Carniolan/Saskatraz package bees will be April 18 and April 25.  Yes, looks like they will arrive on a weekday.

These dates are still tentative, and subject to change. They could slide by a day or two, and could even slide by a week.

We have sent emails letting you know whether you are on the FIRST or SECOND delivery. They will be available for several days following their arrival here in Newtown.

If you will be away during that timeframe described in the email, please reply to this email with the dates that you will be unavailable, and we’ll work with you to accommodate.

Note: When we're on the road, it's tough to send an e-blast, so we post updates with more detailed information on dates and hours for package pickup to our web site here: http://www.bee-commerce.com/blog/

Please sit loose and stay tuned.

Thank you!