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04/14/2017 (Another) Update on Carniolan & Italian Delivery Dates

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If you are getting Carniolan and/or Italian package bees, you should've received an email from us today, letting you know whether you are slated for the 1st or 2nd delivery.

The deliveries of Carniolan and Italian bees from California are still expected soon.

The exact timing is unconfirmed, but here’s a likely scenario:
1 st Delivery available for pickup Tuesday afternoon, 4/18, and Wednesday, and onwards.
2 nd Delivery available for pickup Tuesday afternoon, 4/25, and Wednesday, and onwards.

  • Once they arrive here, of course, the sooner you pick them up and hive them, the better for them.
  • This all could slide by a day (or more), so we’re getting ready, but waiting until we get word that it’s time to go get them.
  • Therefore, please do NOT just show up on Tuesday afternoon if we haven’t posted an update saying that the bees are here, and what time of day we will be here to dispense packages.