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05/21/2018 Russian Packages, The "At Last a Date" Update


As you know, we've been pressing for a date, and a date and here's what we've learned.

First, to dispel any doubts: the bees are coming, and our package reservations will be honored.

We have been told that the Russian packages will arrive sometime on or about June 8-9. Way, way behind the original target, but still there will be enough season left to get them established and built up. They won't be pollinating any fruit trees this year, but other crops will still benefit from their presence.

Apparently a number of the southern apiaries had hard winter losses, followed by a cool wet spring. The spring buildup was slower than expected, and when it was time for peak package production, there just weren't enough bees. It's not the kind of thing that can be brought in line quickly. It takes time to raise brood.

Seems every year I hear about someone or other experiencing something like this. This year, it's us.

Again - right down the line, we're sorry for the delay, but there's not much can be done. Weather and other circumstances are uneven and the seasons don't follow the timeline we set down on the calendar.

We'll let you know as soon as we are able to set days/times for pickup.