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2019 Package Bee Reservation Information

Bee-Commerce brings in 3 lb packages of honey bees from various suppliers, each with a queen: Italian, Russian, Carniolan or Saskatraz.  Please see individual package bee offerings for more information.

Details about this year's offerings can be found here.

DELIVERY DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! All delivery dates are estimates - the weather and other circumstances will determine the actual delivery dates.  We appreciate your patience with this.

DEPOSIT/REFUND POLICY: A deposit is required for all package bee orders. Deposit is refundable within 30 days of order, after which it is non-refundable, except in the event of non-delivery by Bee-Commerce, in which case deposits will be refunded.

WE DO NOT SHIP PACKAGE BEES. Packages are for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY at our shop located at 160A Sugar Street, Newtown, CT.

For some suggested suppliers of package bees for shipment, please check the link for "Bees & Queens" in the yellow horizontal strip of our site.

The packages of bees travel here by truck, having been carefully transported directly from the producer. They usually arrive sometime on Friday, and we post hours for pickup on Saturday and Sunday. If the bees arrive early enough on Friday, we also make them available for pickup Friday.

If you cannot pick the bees up on the weekend they arrive, they will keep for an additional day or two under our care. If scheduling is an issue, please contact us to make arrangements.