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04/02/2022 OHB Packages - Update

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This year, instead of getting two deliveries a week apart, all the bees will be arriving at in one (larger) delivery. Should be interesting. :)

The target dates for pickup would be Tuesday April 19 and Wednesday April 20. Please stay tuned and on our return trip we'll have a better idea of days and times for pickup.

PLEASE NOTE: This timeline could still change. We appreciate your understanding.

With the bees all arriving at one time, it will be even more important to streamline the process. If you need other supplies, please try to obtain them before bee pickup. For last minute purchases, it will be helpful if you place the order online, even if you need to pickup at the same time you get your bees. Thanks for your efforts in this regard.

As we get more information, we'll let you know.

If you cannot pick up your bees within two days of their arrival, please let us know and we'll do our best to make arrangements with you.