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05/01/2023 - Home Stretch

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Pickup Days and Times:

Tuesday 5/2 Noon – 7pm
Wednesday 5/3 10am - 7pm
Thursday 5/4 10am – 7pm

Please do your best to pick up your bees Tuesday or Wednesday.
We may post some hours for Friday, and will return to our regular hours Saturday (10am-2pm).

Weather considerations:  Your bees will do best if you pick them up promptly, even if you hold them until better weather before installing them. Keep them cool (50-ish degrees) and spray them through the package once a day with sugar syrup and they should hold well for a day or two.

Supplies: We trust you are ready to receive your bees. If you need any last minute items, please place your order online at least one day ahead of your arrival at the shop.

Can't get your bees? If you are unable to pick up your bees within two days of their arrival, please let us know ASAP(!) and we'll do our best to make arrangements with you.

Questions? We'll be doing our best to keep up with inquiries. However, once the bees arrive, we will be focused on distributing the packages. Email and phone messages may take longer to respond to, until the dust starts to settle.