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Free Downloads

This free download area contains some useful information on how to assemble your new bee equipment, when and how to medicate your bees, and what steps to take when your bees arrive. There is also a Power Point slide presentation that features the history of beekeeping and some facts about bees and beekeeping (you can customize this slide show to create your own presentation). We have also included a mini newsletter that will help you take the right steps as you progress through the season.

Most of these documents are PDF files.  These documents may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download from www.adobe.com).


Please feel free to download these color instruction sheets. They will lead you step by step through the assembly of some of our beekeeping equipment. We have also included a number of articles and fact sheets that you will find mighty helpful. Click on a title to download the instruction sheet.


Article:Bountiful Bee Menthol & Oil Mite Control
Bee Loss and Remedies Preparing for Winter
Bottom Board Questions from a Customer
Deep Hive Body Shallow Supers
Facts About Swarms Slatted Rack
Frames & Foundation Spring Startup
Hive Stand Swarm Prevention
Hive Topper Telescoping Outer Cover
Honey-B-Healthy Information When Bees Arrive
Inner Cover Why Feed Pollen Substitute?
If Your Bees Swarm  

Slide Show

Here's a Power Point presentation on the history of beekeeping. It includes some interesting facts about bees and beekeeping and some basics for getting started as a back yard beekeeper. Feel free to use this material as a reference. You are also welcome to use this as a template for creating your own customized slide show on beekeeping.

This is a large file and may take a while to download . . . but it's worth the wait!