2024 Seasonal Sessions (Beekeeping 101)

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Nine sessions, class size limited.
Dates subject to change, but here’s the plan:
March 16: Introduction to Beekeeping, Equipment and Preparation, Safety
April 6 & April 23: Honey Bee Installation, Live Demo of installation demo during delivery
April 13: Honey Bee Anatomy & Life cycle, Reasons for Queen Cells. First Inspection.
May 4:  Colony health & Build-up, Recordkeeping.  Hive Inspection.
May 25: Nectar Flow, Swarm Season, Queen-Rearing.  Hive Inspection, Queen-Rearing(?)
June 22: Bee Hive Manipulations, What to do about Mean Bees.  Hive Inspection.
July 13: Honey Bee Diseases, the Varroa Mite.  Hive Inspection, Splitting a Hive.
August 24: Nutrition, More on the Varroa Mite, Fall Preparation.  Hive Inspection.
September 14: Winter Preparation, Review and Bee Graduation.  Hive Inspection.

Classes will take place at Bee-Commerce located at 160A Sugar Street, Newtown, CT starting at 2pm and will run about 2 hours.
First, we’ll discuss the month’s topic, then we will venture out to the Bee Yard to do a hands on hive inspection.

All students will receive hands on experience and handouts to take home.