We are pleased to be offering package bees here at Bee Commerce in Connecticut.  Our packages are for pickup only, at Bee-Commerce in Newtown, CT.

This group of packages is intended for beekeepers that have some experience and aren't daunted by the possibility of installing them in the chancy weather that comes with late March.

Reservations are first come first served.  Please see our Package Bee Reservation Information.

These packages are picked up and transported from Georgia to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition. The bees spend less time in cages, reducing stress, and this results in healthier bees with fewer losses.

Delivery is targeted for March, but conditions in Georgia will dictate actual delivery.  More details as they come available, so stay tuned.

If you place an order online with us, we will use the same email address to let you know when we will be getting and bringing back the bees to Newtown, Connecticut.

The day that we arrive back, we will be open late for anyone who cannot get to us during the normal working hours.

We suggest picking them up the same day we arrive back or early the next day as the bees have traveled along way contained in a small package.

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