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Formic Pro - 30 Doses (60 strips)

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12.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Formic Pro Strips, 30 Dose - 60 strips.  Formic Pro™ is the next generation in formic acid treatments for mites.  The strip is thinner than the height of a bee so it fits in the bee-space between hive parts making it much easier to apply. Formic acid is one of Nature’s defense chemicals, found in plants (nettles) and ant venom. Formic acid is a naturally occurring component of honey.  2 strips per treatment, so 60 strips will treat 30 hives.

Left unchecked, Varroa Destructor Mites weaken honey bees and can lead to the demise of your hive, but all is not helpless! By using Formic Pro™, a polysaccharide gel strip with active ingredient formic acid, you can fight back against these pests. It’s simple to use too, just place the treatment on top of the lower brood chamber for either a 14-day or 20-day treatment period and the slow release of vapor will rid these critters from your hives.