Super Deluxe Startup Kit

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75.00 LBS
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Product Overview

This is our most popular start-up kit. You get everything listed in our Best-Quality kit, plus valuable extras that will allow your colony to grow and prosper. Perfect for over-wintering bees! Here's what's in our super deluxe package: bee-commerce's best quality hivetop feeder so you can easily feed and medicate your bees; two best-quality clear pine deep hive bodies with metal frame rests (one super for brood, and one for the bees' food storage); 20 wooden deep frames; 20 sheets of deep foundation and metal support pins; wood hive stand; our how-to video, "An Introduction to Beekeeping" (your choice, VHS tape or DVD); reversible entrance reducer; cypress bottom board; assembled all-wood inner cover; hive cover (assembled) has metal clad cover with folded corners; 10" hive tool; Bee Calmer stainless steel smoker with full metal guard; and our best-quality all-cotton Chilly