Best-Quality Startup Kit

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40.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Ready to begin your love affair with honeybees? This kit includes everything you need to get your first colony of bees up and running fast. Note that other start-up kits on the market sometimes use second and even third grade components and inferior quality materials. They even exclude some items to cut costs. Not ours. Our start-up kit has it all, and ensures many years of service by utilizing the best-quality components on the market today. Here's what you get: best-quality clear pine deep hive body; entrance reducer; bottom board; inner cover; hive cover has metal clad outer -cover with folded corners; 10 wooden deep frames with pure beeswax foundation and support pins ;metal frame rests; 10" hive tool; Bee Calmer stainless steel smoker with full metal guard; best-quality  Veil; and a pair of best-quality leather gloves. This is a perfect hive for warmer weather climates, as only one deep hive body is needed for colonies that do not have to endure harsh winters. This kit includes your choice from two popular beekeeping books. If you would like us to assemble it for you, please allow 7-10 days for us to put it together.