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Medium Depth Hive Kit, 8-frame

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35.00 LBS
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I love this hive! Medium depth hive bodies are 6-5/8" deep. That's shallower than a deep hive body, and deeper than a shallow super. They can be used both as brood boxes and for collecting honey! That a sensible compromise: one standard size for both bees and honey! A lighter-weight hive that's easier on your back. And with only one size on the hive, everything is interchangeable! Our best-quality medium depth hive kit includes: two medium hive bodies made from top quality premium-grade clear pine with strong box joint construction. Kit also includes 20 best-quality medium-depth frames and pure beeswax foundation, hardware, wooden inner cover, wooden outer cover with metal roof, bottom board, and reversible entrance reducer. As always, the very best quality. As your colony grows and collects more honey, just purchase additional mediums and stack them up. NOTE: Consider adding a hivetop feeder and a hive stand! If you would like us to assemble it for you, please allow about a week for us to put it together.