Need an extra hive setup? This standard deep-depth hive kit will do the trick! Our best-quality deep depth hive kit includes: two deep hive bodies made from top quality premium-grade clear pine with strong box joint construction (deep hive bodies are 9-5/8" deep). Kit also includes 20 best-quality deep-depth frames and pure beeswax foundation, hardware, assembled wooden inner cover, assembled outer cover with metal roof, bottom board, and reversible entrance reducer. As always, the very best quality. NOTE: Consider adding a hivetop feeder and a hive stand! If you would like us to assemble it for you, please allow about a week for us to put it together.

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Well made components.

Roy on 20th Apr 2018

Well made and easy assembly with clear instructions made it easy to have a well built hive! A good start.

Great starter hive

Bob DeVincent on 14th Feb 2017

Great product, easy to assemble and very little modification to get joints to fit. Can't beat the price and shipping was super fast.

Attention to detail

13th May 2013

Great product, the wood used was knot free everything was square and finished perfectly